16 July 2021: New Journal article: The German Art Society Dresden vs. Otto Dix, Academia Letters, 2021

This short peer-reviewed article looks at this extreme right-wing art group’s actions against Otto Dix from 1927. The term ‘Degenerate Art’ is well known, especially with regard to the infamous exhibition that took place in Munich in 1937. However, one of the earliest Degenerate Art shows took place place in Dresden in September 1933. Dresden had a number of volkisch art groups, active from the early Weimar years, which were affiliated with the NSDAP and which targeted art that they considered ‘un-German’. The German Art Society was well connected to NSDAP from the early 1920s and was instrumental in the assured destruction of Dix’s career once the NSDAP took power in January 1933. The article can be read here.

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