8 February 2021: Presentation on Käthe Kollwitz and the No More War Movement to Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, US

It was great to present this talk on Käthe Kollwtiz and her role in the German No More War movement to SCAD’s wonderful students, led by Prof. Andrew Nedd, via Zoom. The talk highlighted the centrality of Kolwitz and cultural figures such as Ernst Barlach, Frans Masereel, George Grosz, Carl von Ossietzky, Kurt Tucholsky, Ernst Friedrich, Romain Rolland, Stefan Zweig, Ernst Toller and Helene Stöcker, among others to countering militarist culture in Germany and beyond. I was delighted by the students’ willingness to engage with the topic and ask questions afterward. All in all, a stimulating evening.

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