18 January 2019: Public Interview on Art, War and Memory in Zagreb

On 18 January 2019, I gave a public talk on art, war and memory in twentieth century visual culture, chaired by Prof. Leonida Kovač (University of Zagreb) and Dr Sandra Križić Roban at the Galerie Spot, Zagreb. This was such an interesting evening, as members of the public as well as academics posed questions on various aspects of the topic. Alongside more academic questions such as the intersections of history and memory in relation to the commemoration of war, the fireside chats with my grandmother about her experience of the Black and Tans as a child in the midland Irish town of Tullamore came up for discussion.

In conversation with Prof. Leonida Kovač (University of Zagreb), Dr Sandra Križić Roban and members of the public at the Galerie Spot, Zagreb.

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