Ann Murray

New Publication

Constructing the Memory of War in Visual Culture since 1914: the Eye on War (Routledge, 2018)

Murray-Eye on War-front coverThis collection provides a transnational, interdisciplinary perspective on artistic responses to war from 1914 to the present, analysing the rich, complex body of work which emerged in response to conflicts from the Great War to the present. Many of the creators examined here embody the human experience of war: first-hand witnesses who developed a unique visual language in direct response to their role as victim, soldier, refugee, resister, prisoner, embedded or official artist. Contributors address specific issues relating to propaganda, wartime femininity and masculinity, women as war artists, trauma, the role of art in soldiery, memory, art as resistance, identity and the memorialisation of war. In bringing together the research of established scholars from across five continents – and on an equally diverse body of artists – this volume is truly international in scope. In its inclusion of artistic responses to almost every major conflict of the past hundred years and examinations across a broad range of media, it enables the reader to trace a growing, diversifying artistic language as a means to respond to the changing character of war and its impact on society.  More…

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